Pet Grooming Insurance

Starting a pet grooming business is an exciting time! But as your clients are entrusting you with the care and well-being of their beloved pets, you’re taking on certain risks. That’s why pet grooming insurance should be central to your plan for your pet grooming business. 

Insurance for a pet grooming business includes the typical insurance a small business would need plus some additional coverage specific to pet care. Business owner’s policies combine three types of insurance that protect your business: general liability, commercial property, and business income.

Here are pet grooming insurance policies to consider.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance helps protect your pet grooming business from lawsuits stemming from injuries or property damage occurring during your business operations, like if an employee causes damage while working on a client’s property. This and other mishaps can happen when you are in the pet grooming business. While general liability insurance can help protect you from issues like the one mentioned above, it does not absolve you from liabilities directly related to the pet services provided by your pet grooming business.

Business Property Insurance

Business property insurance is valuable protection for your pet grooming business. This type of insurance protects the location or locations where you do business and protects the equipment that you use in the course of your business — stuff like crates, kennels, leashes, collar, grooming tables, and other grooming equipment.

Business Income Insurance

What if you can’t run your pet grooming business because of property damage? You’ll have a loss of income. Business income insurance helps you cover the loss of income resulting from such a situation.

Professional Liability Insurance

As a pet grooming business owner, you can be sued for damages resulting from errors and omissions. What if you fail to take the proper precautions for a specific type of pet? Adding professional liability coverage will help protect you.

Mobile Grooming Equipment Insurance

When you are running a mobile pet grooming business, it is imperative to have your van and its equipment working and accessible. If any of this is damaged or broken, equipment insurance as part of your grooming insurance will help to pay to replace or repair it.

Animal Bailee Insurance

Although you think it will never happen to you, an animal in your care could be injured, die, or even be stolen! If anything like this happens, you could incur vet bills or search costs, which would be covered with this type of policy.

Data Breach Insurance

Even in a pet or dog grooming business, it is possible to be impacted by data breaches. Adding data breach insurance to your pet grooming insurance is wise since it is possible that customer information could be stolen by data thieves. 

Business Income for Off-Premises Operations Insurance

If you have business property or equipment damaged off-site, this policy will help you to replace lost income while you are unable to operate.

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