Solutions for Small Business

At Freedom Group, we help Small Businesses find MORE for their Business. Protect your assets and uncover new financial opportunities. Claim the Financial Resources available to you.

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Tax Credits

Identify untapped revenue streams for your business


Protects your business, from a minor hiccup to a major financial loss.


Minimize the financial impact of unexpected events


High-quality and cost-effective payroll service that can help with compliance and provides HR resources


Why Choose Freedom Group?

  • Efficiency

    Your time is valuable...does it take forever to get things in order with your current company or broker?

  • Clarity

    We supply multiple options and help you compare and understand the difference

  • Value

    We aim to provide the coverage you are seeking, at the price that makes you feel good.

We take the frustration out of the equation when buying insurance

We have a 3-step formula to get started NOW

Create A

Our agent review your unique situation to help design your insurance program.

Start A Quote

Provides just enough info to assign you to a personal agent.

Get Better Results

We demonstrate the results of our process by finding you the best coverage and pricing.


Freedom Group is a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP).